Estimate the unit sales of Walmart retail goods

Table of contents:

  1. Business Problem
  2. Source of Data
  3. Why ML approach, and Why not normal Statistical Method
  4. Performance metrics
  5. Existing approaches to the problem
  6. Exploratory Data Analysis
  7. First Cut Solution
  8. Model Explanation
  9. Comparison of models
  10. Future Work
  11. References

Business Problem

In the era of online stores, It’s become essential and mandatory to know the demand…

Tensorflow 2.0 final release was announced on September 30, 2019. It is Google’s open-source AI framework for machine learning and high-performance numerical computation. It supports many classification and regression algorithms and more generally, deep learning and neural networks.

What’s new in Tensorflow2.0

  • Powerful experimentation
  • Robust model Deployment in production
  • No…

Namratesh Shrivastav

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